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Run Your Home From Your Toyota

On Jun 17 2014 20:44:01

Toyota and Panasonic will soon make it possible to avoid those "oh-no" moments after leaving home, such as forgetting to switch off the air-conditioning. The two companies are cooperating on a cloud-based in-car system to monitor and operate home appliances. The new cloud-based telematics service will make life easier and less stressful by letting people keep tabs on and operate their home appliances from the wheel of their car.

The technology is being presented by Toyota at the Smart Community Japan 2014 exhibition in Tokyo this month, prior to the new service being launched on the Japanese market as soon as the second half of this year. It could be rolled out to other markets as well. The concept is all part of Toyota's ongoing work to make mobility smarter, more convenient and more comfortable, and to increase the value cars can add to people's lives.

It makes use of the existing cloud-based Toyota Smart Center, which already links people, cars and homes, and the Panasonic home appliance control application. The Panasonic Corporation is a pioneer in smart home appliances, such as televisions, video equipment and air-conditioners. The company is working to create new smart homes that are environmentally efficient and network-connected to support modern lifestyles.

The two companies agreed a year ago to co-develop services for next-generation telematics services that link cars to home appliances. Since then they have succeeded in developing an interface to link their respective cloud services, and laid the groundwork for new services, including applications for in-car operation and status-checking of home appliances.

For example, an application linked to a vehicle's GPS data can remind the user to turn off the air-conditioning before leaving home, and enable them to turn it on remotely before returning. In the future, Toyota and Panasonic will bring their individual strengths to joint development of smarter mobility, using cloud-based services to link people, cars, homes and communities.


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