Toyota Leading The Way To Reduce Cost Of Ownership

The recently announced 2015 Kinsey Survey and introduction of Toyota Value Service pays testimony to efforts by Toyota South Africa to ensure competitive parts pricing and reasonable cost of ownership.

2015 Kinsey Survey

Toyota has made its mark once again in the 2015 Kinsey Report in no uncertain terms and, with overall wins in three of the nine categories and seven podium positions, it is comfortably this year’s most successful brand when it comes to parts pricing.

Toyota – also the most successful brand in the history of the Kinsey Report – has raised its game, refocusing on parts pricing and reaffirming its position as a brand that takes a holistic view of vehicle ownership.

“We’re very serious about managing the cost of ownership right across our product offerings,” explains Calvyn Hamman, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing at Toyota South Africa Motors. “The lifetime ownership experience for our customers has been and always will be, one of Toyota’s passions.”

“We are also particularly proud of how well our locally manufactured products –Corolla, Corolla Quest, Hilux and Fortuner – have performed in recent years. These models form the bedrock of our brand and this level of success has required the commitment of every person and organisation in our supply chain.”

The Avanza is a success story. This compact people-mover has, since its launch, been victorious in its category a remarkable five times including 2015.

The Corolla and Corolla Quest models are a winning combination placing first and second in the Family Favourites category respectively for the second year running. The Corolla has a long-standing history in the C-segment of this country and the Corolla Quest, a new entry to the market, has made quite a stir as a firm entry-level favourite in this segment.

The Fortuner was named South Africa’s best-selling SUV and its first place in the Crossover category is another reason why South Africans love this vehicle. The RAV4 also performed well earning third place in the category up from sixth place in 2014.

“When you add affordable parts pricing and stable parts supply to the list of Toyota’s traditional strengths of QDR (quality, durability, reliability), it goes a long way to explaining why Toyota remains a firm favourite with South African buyers,” adds Mr Hamman.

Toyota Value Service

To further support the cost of ownership, Toyota has introduced Toyota Value Service, a product that offers affordable servicing at Toyota dealerships across the country. The product will give customers an opportunity to maintain a full Toyota service history – this not only benefits the vehicle’s resale value but the inherent QDR as well.

All Toyota vehicles older than five years automatically qualify for affordable servicing at Toyota dealers nationwide through the Toyota Value Service product. Toyota Value Service is broken down into the Base Service, based on the first service in the schedule, with all other items due on the actual service interval available as optional items, giving customers full control of their service items and ultimately of the cost involved with services.

Toyota Value Service offers many benefits to customers including; affordable servicing by qualified Toyota technicians, safety through the exclusive use of Toyota Genuine Parts (with a 12-month warranty on the parts); the ability to structure the package and maintain a full service history with a Toyota dealer which will contribute positively to the vehicle’s resale value.

Utilising the Toyota Value Service online quoting tool, customers are in a position to determine the cost of a service in advance by simply entering their vehicle’s VIN or registration number. This means that TVS is a true “pay as quoted” offering. Cost of the base service will include 10% discount on parts and a determined labour rate.

“Our research has shown that Toyota Value Service pricing compares very favourably with the cost of services performed by reputable, non-franchised serviced outlets. The benefit of Toyota Value Service is the peace of mind that comes from knowing your car is being serviced by a Toyota dealer that has product specific expertise and has the required skills and equipment to ensure that safety and reliability is not compromised in any way,” concludes Mr Hamman.